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Feb 14, 2020 at 10:41 PM

Where to maintain dropdown entries in ITSM 7.2 SP08 Service Desk Message


Hi Experts,

I have the requirement to add a new Application for our Service Desk Message...So basically we have a Category List with dropdown menu where we maintain our application to organize the Incidents per Application

On SPRO I could not find anything....if i'm using the WEB UI Config in Browser I can enter more Parameters but not the values from the DROPDOWN menu..

So this is in the Details sections ...our Field is Category ...

Within WEB UI COnfig I see the name : BTCATEGORIES/CATEGORIES but again I'm not able to enter values for the Dropdown menu...

So a table must Exist? Or is done within SOLMAN_SETUP -> ITSM?

Can you please advice ?

Thank you!