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SAP Note/KBA XXXXXXX is being updated.

Hi All,

Multiple SAP notes are not available to view. Can anyone help with how to access to the latest version or even the last version before the update?

I am getting the following messages for SAP notes.

SAP Note/KBA 2512482 is being updated.

SAP Note/KBA 1686826 is being updated.

... etc.

The SAP Note/KBA you were trying to reach is currently being updated. This is usually to enhance its content with new information.

What can you do now?

  • You will receive an email notification once the document is available again. Please make sure that your email address is maintained in your user profile.
  • Thanks much.


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    3 Answers

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      Posted on Feb 14, 2020 at 03:31 PM

      Hello Mahesh,

      First off, I removed two of your tags (SAP Transportation Management, and Basis Technology) as they are unrelated to your question. This is all about the SAP Support Launchpad and thus, Support Services.

      I know this can be frustrating when there's a Note that you need, but it's unavailable because it's in the middle of being updated. Especially so when it's a prerequisite for something you're in the midst of applying in SNOTE, and you can't move forward without it! Usually it's released again within a day (which can still seem like a long time), but once in a while it isn't.

      When that happens, and I'm blocked from moving forward without it, I open a Customer Incident against the application area of the Note and ask them to release it. That usually gets a positive response.

      I have in the past asked if this system could be adapted so that when they are updating a Note, the previous version remains available to customers until the new version is ready, rather than taking the whole thing offline. I get it that sometimes they realize an old version is actively harmful, and so in those cases it needs to be taken offline until it can be fixed, but usually this is not the case and the updates made are minor in nature. However, unfortunately, at present the SAP Notes system doesn't work this way.

      Matt Fraser
      SAP Community Moderator

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      • Hi Matt,

        Thanks for your response and clarification.

        As you rightly mentioned, I tried to access multiple SAP notes within a particular area as a pre-requisite to the planned activity; however, most of them were unavailable. I will try to open a customer incident but there were notes which were unavailable at that point in time.

        Unfortunately, I still get the same error "SAP Note/KBA 2707086 is being updated." and aforementioned note numbers in question as well. however, these notes are available for download by other users. I suspect an issue with my user ID now!

        And regarding the SAP note system, may I suggest something - if a particular note is being updated with offline mode, it would be worth at least to mention an ETA instead of a generic message to users or to provide a temporary link to an archived version with read-only mode?

        Thanks much.


    • Posted on Feb 14, 2020 at 02:15 PM

      Hi Mahesh,

      I can access both the mentioned SAP Notes and so you also should be able to now.

      Let me know if you can't and I can download, attach it here.

      Best Regards,
      Kashyap Shah

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    • Posted on Jul 13, 2020 at 01:04 PM

      Hi Maresh,

      I get the same problem with other SAP notes. How did you resolve this?

      Best Regares

      Kay Thoben

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