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SAP Adobe From Printing Issue/ Black boxes instead of text on print

Hi All,

I am experiencing a very unusual issue with a SAP adobe form. its a production order/ shop floor paper form, when i preview the PDF in SP01 the form looks absolutely fine, however when printing the form via sp01 the majority of the text is covered with black rectangles, please see picture. The boxes surrounding the text appear red instead of black. This is an intermittent issue and only seems to happen for the same material/ line from the sales order but there is nothing in the program or form that would treat this material any different to any other. If i save the pdf from the preview in sp01 and print from windows the document prints perfectly, it appears only to do this when printing from sp01. formerror.png could this be a printer issue?

Any help is much appreciated,



formerror.png (395.6 kB)
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  • Hi Christopher,
    looked at the form in the internal system. I could not find any scripting indicating such a black box.
    Are you able to check, if the spool artifacts look fine? see: RSPO0020

  • Thanks Daniel but i think our issues differ.

    Hi again Pascal i have ran RSPO0020 and have had a look at the xml (.xfd) file which all looks as it should to me, All the data is correct in the xml etc. Inspecting the .cfg or .pcl files is lost on me as i'm not really sure what these files are.



  • Hej Christopher,

    I our case we believed the problem was caused by memory constraints from Printer side, meaning if the printer had received and buffered between 1-5 jobs we would not see any grey box, but when being hit with 6-10 jobs in a short period we would start seeing these random issues.

    Have you tried to increase the internal memory at your printer model?

    Have you checked with your the printer manufacturer support?

    Here goes something similar:

    I you find the answer do share it, i would love to hear it.

    Best, Daniel

1 Answer

  • Posted on Feb 14 at 12:18 PM

    Hej Pascal,

    Some years back we had this exact issue, refer to this ticket internally:

    555321 / 2018 Adobe Forms: labels printed randomly with alien Grey Box

    Hej Christopher,

    We had this issue in Novexx/Avery label printers, in our case we were facing this problem when sending a large number of spools to the printer where the printer had to buffer something like 6-10 spools. Issue can be difficult to replicate because it is not often one sends so many spools in a short span of time.

    In our case we solved this problem by sending 1 single spool instead of 10, by manipulating ^PQn to determine number of copies, meaning instead of sending 6-10 spools identical with ^PQ1 each, we send 1 spool with ^PQ6 or ^PQ10.

    Tricky part here is really how to manipulate ^PQ at runtime. We never found a way to populate the No. of Copies as a variable so we have maintain static .xdc files with ^PQn. This is still how we do it today.

    Hope this can help you somehow.

    Best Regards,


    greybox.png (508.2 kB)
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