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Feb 12, 2020 at 11:50 PM

Consolidated Log report in Firefighter is blank post upgrade to 12.0


We have Upgraded to GRQ12.0 with Decentralized Firefighter Setup.

We are trying to fetch the Firefighter Logs by running the Job 'Firefighter Log Synch' and it is showing successful.

1) While Navigating to the 'NWBC' - 'Reports and Analytics'- 'Firefighter Log Summary Report', I could see the session details . I believe the Table 'GRACFFLOG' is the relevant one and

it is being populated.

2) The Issue is, while Navigating to the 'NWBC' - 'Reports and Analytics' - 'Consolidated Log Report' , the report is not showing up. It is showing blank.

Below are the steps that were taken :

A) We have made sure that the Time zones are in Synch in both backend and the GRC system

B) We have run the Action Usage, Role Usage, Repository Synch Jobs and are running fine but still the 'Consolidated Log Report' is not showing up.

Just fyi, Earlier while we are in GRC10.1 setup, the firefighter logs used to show under the 'Consolidated Log Report' option under NWBC.