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Feb 18, 2020 at 05:23 AM

SAP CAP project with persistent database: Error - missing localized_* tables



I am trying to run the sample bookshop app provided in the SAP CAP samples( It runs as expected when using the default in-memory sqlite database (which is the default setting). If I try to change the settings to use a persistent sqlite database, the services are throwing errors of form:

SQLITE_ERROR: no such table: localized_<service-name>_<entitiy-name>

<error xmlns="">
<message>SQLITE_ERROR: no such table: localized_CatalogService_Books</message>

Following is a step by step detail of what I've done. Any insight into what might be going wrong and how to fix it would be very much appreciated. Thanks!

Clone sample apps from

cd cloud-cap-samples/
npm i
npm run bookshop

The default configuration runs the sqlite database in-memory. In order to use the persistent database, do following changes:

cd packages/bookshop
cds deploy --to sqlite:my.db

The cds deploy command will create a persistent database and fill the necessary tables using sample CSV data files. It also updates the package.json with cds configuration to use a persistent database instead of the default in-memory database. You should see console messages like following:

> filling sap.capire.bookshop.Authors from db/data/sap.capire.bookshop-Authors.csv
 > filling sap.capire.bookshop.Books from db/data/sap.capire.bookshop-Books.csv
 > filling sap.capire.bookshop.Books_texts from db/data/sap.capire.bookshop-Books_texts.csv
 > filling sap.capire.bookshop.OrderItems from db/data/sap.capire.bookshop-OrderItems.csv
 > filling sap.capire.bookshop.Orders from db/data/sap.capire.bookshop-Orders.csv
 > filling sap.common.Currencies from db/data/sap.common-Currencies.csv
 > filling sap.common.Currencies_texts from db/data/sap.common-Currencies_texts.csv
/> successfully deployed to ./my.db
 > updated ./package.json

The package.json should have an updated "cds" section as follows -

"cds": {
    "requires": {
      "db": {
        "kind": "sqlite",
        "model": "db/schema.cds",
        "credentials": {
          "database": "my.db"

Now, if we trigger command 'cds run', the cds should start serving using the persistent database.

cds run
[cds] - connect to datasource - sqlite:my.db
[cds] - serving AdminService at /admin
[cds] - serving CatalogService at /browse - with impl: srv/cat-service.js
[cds] - service definitions loaded from:


[cds] - launched in: 1303.835ms
[cds] - server listening on http://localhost:4004

Now, if you go to link http://localhost:4004/browse/Books, it shows following error:

<error xmlns="">
<message>SQLITE_ERROR: no such table: localized_CatalogService_Books</message>