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Feb 17, 2020 at 05:18 PM

Vending machine configuration in SAP CAR


Hi SAP CAR Gurus

We have a requirement to configure Traditional vending machines with SAP CAR like we do any other Point of sale.

I have few questions for this scenario, Scenario, business is into sales of products through vending machine, they are not renting or leasing vending machine, Vending machine is owned by business (just like consignment) , any sales out of vending machine is recorded as sales through third party

1) I checked few of the Smart Vending Machine like and , but in our business scenario we are looking at traditional vending machine.

2) Business teams don't want to configure as store as count of vending machines will be in millions.

3) Business wants to use Forecasting and replenishment functionality for this vending machines


1) Does SAP CAR has out of the box integration with traditional vending machines? If yes it is part of SAP Connected retail or it is part of omnichannel sales ?

2) How do we configure each vending machine? as a profit center?

3) We should map as consignment process and create sales order or follow POSDTA model to record sales?

Anyone having experience to configure vending machines with SAP CAR , please share your experience or share any blog related to it. I was able to find few blogs but it is not on CAR.


Jitesh Mehta