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Released jobs in SM37

released.pngHi all,

Some released jobs in sm37 have delay field populated while some jobs don't, most of the jobs in released status doesnot have a schedule start date and for some jobs in which the delay field is populated, the delay calculation is the difference between the current time and the scheduled time in seconds while for some jobs which has the scheduled date doesnot have a delay filled populated. I want to know what is the logic for calculating the delay in case of released jobs and when should this calculation occurs. below i am attaching a screen shot for better understanding.

released.png (26.6 kB)
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2 Answers

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    Posted on Feb 14 at 09:15 AM

    Just look at the documentation of "delay" field in SM37 list (F1 - function key). It says:


    Delay of a Job in Seconds


    A background job was not executed at the scheduled time. Use The execution of a background job can be delayed for several reasons. If it is only for a few seconds, this means that the job scheduler has not yet accepted the job. This often happens. However, it may be that the system is overloaded temporarily, that specific maintenance jobs are being done, or that there are problems with the server configuration. The following reasons for delay are shown in SM37 (column '"Reason for Delay" is hidden by default in the job list).

    • Maintenance mode
    • Rolling kernel switch
    • Subsystem isolation
    • Imminent downtime
    • Server not available
    • Server group not available
    • Server group does not exist
    • Server group contains no servers
    • System was not available
    • System has no batch servers
    • No free batch work processes available
    • SAP_DEFAULT_BTC server group contains no servers
    • SAP_DEFAULT_BTC server group was not available

    Is that more clear now?

    Basically the "delay" field tells that the job could not be started on the scheduled date/time and the field shows number of seconds of the job start delay. "Reason for Delay" fields gives hints why the job start was delayed.

    Best regards

    Dominik Tylczynski

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  • Posted on Feb 14 at 09:16 AM


    for example if all background tasks are busy a release job will be delayed until a process for this job becomes available

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