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Feb 14, 2017 at 05:21 PM

Enabling Filters on a Table UI Element in ABAP WebDynpro


Hello Experts,

I have a requirement to enable the Filter for a Table Element in ABAP Webdynpro, just as the filter we have in MS Excel.

The data that I am pulling is from SAP BW from a DSO and the Table Columns are bound to all Infoobjects of the respective DSO whereas the Table is not bound to the DSO as we have an extra column, Material Description, for which the data is being pulled from the Infoobject Text Table.

Now I am filtering on Customer, Material and Plant. - I have 10 records, for example.

C001 M001 P001 C002 M002 P002 C003 M003 P003 C004 M003 P004 C005 M003 P005 C006 M003 P005 C007 M007 P007 C008 M008 P007 C009 M008 P009 C010 M008 P010

Now when I filter on the Material or Plant column; Plant P007; the resultant output should be

C007 M007 P007 C008 M008 P007

Now when I filter on Material; the Items that show up in the filter should be M007; M008.

In the normal scenario; I tried binding the FilterValue of Table to the Infoobject, but no matter what filter I have put in when I filter on another column, the filter value displays all the values of the Infoobject.

So I then used the ModifyView to pick the Filter values and then using the Select statement populated an Internal Table that was then used to individually fill the value set and the Dummy Infoobjects that were bound to the FilterValues. Dummy Infoobjects were created and added to the DSO as well for the sole purpose of using and binding to the Filter value.

But even in the Modify View, in the first instance, the Filter values do not show correctly also, I was able to filter on multiple columns but was unable to come back to the original dataset.

Kindly someone guide me through this scenario. I would like the filter for the Table element

in ABAP webdynpro to work exactly like the MS Excel filter.

Also on an additional note, is it possible to have multiple selections of filter values?

Thank You.