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Feb 10, 2020 at 10:52 AM

Events Based on Container Units


Hello All ,

I have requirement to track the events based on the Container Units . I have gone through the documents available , one of them was mentioning about enhancing the freight unit to track container ID. This will be tracked on freight unit & will display container number as parameter and same event will be displayed multiple time per container.Tracking ID remains the freight unit.

However i need to track & create events at the Container Units itself. I am unable to understand which standard object should i be enhanced to achieve this functionality either it should be freight unit or shall it be transportation unit or resource.Or shall i use any available BADI to trigger & create any such event handler for tracking.

Business Scenario example sequence is --> load container on vessel --> vessel depart --> vessel arrives at port of discharge --> unload vessel .

TRXID : Booking

1. Vessel Departed from Port of Loading

2. Vessel Arrival at Port of Discharge

TRXID: Container Unit

1. Container Loaded on Vessel

2. Vessel Departed from Port of Loading

3. Vessel Arrival at Port of Discharge

4. Container Unloaded

The event reporting for vessel arrival & vessel departed will happen at Booking Level & these events need to be simultaneously reported at container unit as well. I believe this can be achieved by using TRACKREFERENCE in the BAPI/IDOC. Please correct me .

Any advise or suggestion would be really nice.