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Feb 12, 2020 at 10:15 AM

Consume BW data on Hana with python



Today we are running BW on Hana with runtime license. Now we have some new requirements from our data scientist users, that they want to connect and consume some BW data, for exploration/predictive analysis and machine learning. Want I know that they are working with python via Jupyter notebook, thus they want to connect python to the BW data.

How can I best help them with this requirement?

I have seen that you can use the SAP HANA Python Client API, to connect and consume Hana data. Can you use the Python client API if you only have the runtime license?

To be able to give them access to the BW data on Hana, I will generate SAP HANA views on supported objects (for example Datastore objects), so they can consume the data via HANA, because we have runtime license and not enterprise license.

Can you do like this, or is there some better alternatives, if you only have the runtime license?