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Feb 05, 2020 at 08:40 AM

SAP PI/PO : Read messages IDs on PO system in single stack Java



I would like to read messages IDs on my PO system from ECC system.

There is a webservice called AdapterMessageMonitoringVi which can be used to retrieve XI message remotely as described on

I followed this blog too for calling the webservice from ABAP :

I would like to call this Webservice from my ECC system but i've got an error for the response.

So, i created the service consumer with the WSDL : http://<host>:<port>/AdapterMessageMonitoring/basic?wsdl

I configured the logical port on SOAMANAGER :

When i try to test the proxy(F8) :


In addition, when i try the same request on SOAPUI tool, it works perfectly.

Did i miss something with my configuration on ECC ?

Thanks in advance.


soamanager.png (5.2 kB)
test-service.png (22.7 kB)
request.png (32.3 kB)
srt-util.png (19.9 kB)