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Feb 01, 2020 at 12:42 AM

Changing or canceling an order after shipment creation


Our SAP. communicates with a different system that the warehouse uses. Once an order is EDI to their system that order number is attached to the shipment number. If we have to cancel an order after they receive it because of a quantity change, a batch change , or the order was consolidated we have to trigger back to the warehouse using the same shipment. Their system will not allow an order to flow back to them using a different shipment number. So my question is are the steps to updating an order ( batch, qty., CDD ) after the warehouse cancels and then be able to EDI back using the same order number and shipment number instead of having to delete and recreate a new order and shipment?

Are there steps to be able and cancel an order from a consolidation keeping the shipment number so the warehouse does not have to cancel all valid orders in the consolidation and we have to recreate all them again so they receive?