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Feb 04, 2020 at 08:40 AM

SAP PO Custom error message in alerts


Hi folks!

I have a javamapping where I am doing all kind of validations and I throw StreamTrasnformationException with the appropriate error message. My problem is that when I consume the corresponding alert with AlertRetrieveAPI_v2 then I don't have that specific error in the ERROR_DETAILS parameter but a generic error like 'Non-classified error'.

Is there a way to pass custom error message to the alert in javamapping?

I also tried to send email from the javamapping instead of using alerts but there I have an email for each retry (we have a 5 retry number for our asynch messages which must not be altered). It would also help if somebody could tell how to find out in javamapping if a given message is processed the first time.

At the end I need one email per failed message.

Many thanks