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Items of interest - how much?


In hybris marketing, you can use items of interest to define if contacts are interested in certain topics.

But can you also measure how much they are interested?

For example. Mary goes on the website, and clicks once on a pair of shoes, and 50 times on dresses. If shoes and dresses are items of interest:

In my segmentation I would be able to select all people with an item of interest in shoes. Then Mary would be included in this group. However she's not really interested in shoes, she just (by accident maybe) clicked once on it.

In Mary's wordcloud, dresses will appear larger than shoes, so somewhere there must be some number or calculation for how much they are interested, right?


Also related, if I would want to ask my contacts literally what they are interested in, what would be the best way to do this?

I was thinking of maybe a landing page with input fields in the form of checkboxes, like "are you interested in: Shoes? Y/N Dresses? Y/N Accessories? Y/N".

But then I'd need a Z-field for each of these interests as you can't use items of interest on a landing page... so doesn't seem like the ideal way to do this...

Any ideas are welcome :)

Kind regards


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2 Answers

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    Posted on Feb 15, 2017 at 03:13 PM

    Hi Komur,

    Thanks for your reply.

    Indeed the "bigger" word in the word cloud indicates that Mary likes dresses more than shoes.

    But how can we leverage this information in the Segmentation, where by default we can only select "item of interest = shoes" and not "size of the item of interest of shoes is larger than 5" to put it to words.

    In fact by writing this I got an idea and tested it on the SAP trial system, and it seems to work :)

    As you indicate, the INTEREST_QUANTIFIER will attribute "points" to each interaction. It's this field that also makes up the "activity score" score on the contact factsheet.

    Because "activity score" is a metric, in segmentation it is possible to use conditions on it; if they are indicated as "visible as dimension" in customizing.

    Luckily on the free trial system, Item of Interest is a dimension :)

    So you can segment based on activity score, with an item of interest as condition.

    In the screenshot below, there's 71.541 people who have "PROCUREMENT" as an item of interest. But if you segment on Activity score with condition item of interest = Procurement, then there's 6.580 people with a score higher than 8 on Procurement and 64.961 people with a score lower than 8, together they make up the 71.541 people.

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  • author's profile photo Former Member
    Former Member
    Posted on Feb 15, 2017 at 12:20 AM

    Dear Joyca,

    Speaking from my own experience when working with Item of Interest, the word cloud just counts the number of times a certain "Item of Interest" has been used inside interactions. Typically you cannot use the same item of interest multiple times inside one interaction.

    When creating Interactions, the Interest Item has the following two fields: INTEREST_QUANTIFIER and INTEREST_VALUATION (no valuation, strong negative .. strong positive)

    In the word cloud, depending on how the interactions are being sent to Marketing, you might have 1 click interaction with shoes, 50 click interactions with dress. In that case, dress would appear bigger in the cloud. Unfortunately this does not help with your how much question. Maybe the quantifier and valuation could help you out with that.

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