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No listener error while installing Webas


I have installed oracle and when I am trying to install Webas, the installation stops at Step 3 and I get the following error,

Connecting to (DESCRIPTION=(ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=TCP)(HOST=ctsintcosind)(PORT=1527)))

TNS-12541: TNS:no listener

TNS-12560: TNS:protocol adapter error

TNS-00511: No listener

32-bit Windows Error: 61: Unknown error

Can someone let me know what can be done?

Thanks and Regards


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3 Answers

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    Former Member
    Apr 07, 2006 at 06:32 AM

    Hope you are installing via ora<sid>

    Try this and let us know the result

    Check if the oracle_home and oracle_sid are set.

    Go to Oralce_Home/bin and try to start listener by the comamnd "lsnrctl start"

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    Former Member
    Apr 07, 2006 at 08:43 AM


    There is an SAP Note for your problem 609332">609332>. See if that helps.

    <i><b>Reason and Prerequisites</b>

    To build an IPC or TCP/IP link via Net8, a listener is required that transfers the incoming requests to the target database. If a listener is not reached, ORA-12541 or ORA-12224 occurs.

    The following causes are possible:

    1. The wrong configuration files are being used.

    2. The configuration in tnsnames.ora and listener.ora is incorrect.

    3. There are too many simultaneous queries on the listener.

    4. <b>The listener does not run.</b>

    5. LOCAL is set in the environment.

    6. UNIX: The authorizations of the socket files are incorrect.

    7. The listener is started with another name.


    1. Check as described in note 445038 whether the correct configuration files (such as listener.ora, tnsnames.ora or sqlnet.ora) are dragged.

    2. Check whether tnsnames.ora and listener.ora match. In particular the host and port for the TCP link must be configured identically on both pages.

    3. If the error occurs sporadically during the simultaneous logon of many processes to the database (so for example when an SAP instance is started), see note 131561.

    4. Check on UNIX with

    lsnrctl status

    whether the listener is started. If not, fetch it with

    lsnrctl start

    On Windows platforms, check whether the listener service is running. If not, start it.

    1. If a "connect internal", "connect/as sysdba" or "connect/as sysoper" results in an ORA-12541, this can be traced back to the LOCAL environment variable. Usually these logons occur using the BEQ log, which does not need a listener. With this connect, an ORA-12541 should therefore NEVER occur - even if the listener really is not running. If an ORA-12541 occurs nevertheless, check whether LOCAL=<sid> is set in the environment and remove this variable. If LOCAL=<sid> is set, a Connect via the listener is set up automatically, which is not desired for the above connects.

    2. If an ORA-12541 occurs when the connection is set up on UNIX, see note 396873 and check the authorizations of /var/tmp/.oracle or /tmp/.oracle.

    3. Make sure that the listener is started with the correct name if you do not use the default name "LISTENER". If another name is used, the corresponding sections must be included in listener.ora (for example, "MY_LISTENER =" instead of "LISTENER =") and when you start and stop the listener, the alternative name must be specified explicitly (for example, "lsnrctl start MY_LISTENER").</i>

    My bet would be on the point 4. Check your services and see if <b>OracleOraHomeTNSListener</b> service is up.



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    Former Member
    Apr 07, 2006 at 09:33 AM


    Just check to see if the listener.ora on the server has the sid of the database registered.

    the listener may have up come up later and may have not registered the database.

    shut down the db

    shut down the listener

    start the listener first

    then the db.

    then do a connection.



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