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Jan 31, 2020 at 05:35 PM

Random Report Errors on Production Server



I've deployed crystal reports to a Windows 2019 server and the reports were working up until yesterday. Now I'm getting some random errors like:Invalid indexUnable to connect: incorrect log on parametersI realize these are valid errors but in my case they are incorrect. I know that the index is correct and I know that the login parameters connect to the database fine. I've tested these reports locally and on the server (I installed visual studio on the server and debugged my code) and they work but when they run through IIS they throw errors such as what I've listed above.My runtimes match on my development and production machines, I have Enabled 32-Bit Application in the IIS AppPool, I have given the IIS_IUSRS access to the Windows/Temp folder, and I modified my the registry and set the print job limit to -1, and a few other things.Even after all those changes, my reports are still throwing random errors when they are run through IIS. I'm stumped... I don't understand how in 24 hours they randomly stopped working.Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Crystal Reports 2016, Windows Server 2019, CR Runtime 13.0.5