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Jan 31, 2020 at 09:38 AM

Crystal Reports - Names not showing chinese / german characters in WebFocus 8.2


Issue is with ‘Report Templates’ not showing reports with special characters like Chinese & german..

With WebFocus 8 version we observed both QV tables wf_nlsobj & wf_reposobj has report names with special characters.

In WebFocus 8.2 Version -

1)We are invoking PUBLISH action and it stores report url including special characters in wf_reposobj table under OBJNAME column

Ex - durchgeführte_Validierungeäöün.url & CR_Desktop_Report_-耳_虫.url

2) And while invoking PUT action and it stores report name with garbled characters in wf_nlsobj table under OBJDESC column

Ex – durchgeführte_Validierungeäöün & CR Desktop Report -耳 虫

In Analytics – ‘Report Templates’ folder the title of the report comes from wf_nlsobj table. To verify I have updated report names from wf_reposobj to wf_nlsobj table and its showing fine without any issues.