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Jan 29, 2020 at 05:46 AM

Change document SCDO - Add Custom table to Standard Change Document object



BO - /SCMTMS/FREIGHTAGREEMENT is enhanced with the custom BO "ZFAG".

My requirement is to track the change documents for this node "ZFAG".

Followed the following:

1. The data base table "ZABC" of node "ZFAG" is taken.

2. Activated the change document flags at data element level for the fields of ZABC table.

3. Activated log changes in technical settings in table ZABC

4. In SCDO - how can I add a custom table "ZABC" to Standard change document object "/SCMTMS/CD_FAG" .

5. What will be the impact of Regenerating of the change document object "/SCMTMS/CD_FAG" once the custome table "ZABC" is added?

Kindly let me know your suggestions.