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Jan 28, 2020 at 01:11 PM

Error whilst running Kapsel for Android


Hello Guys,

I have built a small application in cordova to fetch and display information from SAP using SMP Kapsel SDK 3.1. My application configurations are as follows

SDK version : 3.1

Cordova version : 8.1.2

Android version : 7.0.0

iOS version : 5.1.1

We are connecting to SAP Mobile Services using Kapsel and we are facing an issue while registration in Android.

We are getting the following error


My code is as follows

var appId = "";
var serverContext = {
"serverHost": "",     
"https": "true",     
"serverPort": "443",     
"custom": {
        "hiddenFields": ["farmId", "resourcePath", "securityConfig", "serverPort", "https"],
        // "disablePasscode": true
    "auth": [{ 
        "type": ""

var applicationContext = null; 

function showApp() {
    $(location).attr('href', './dashboard.html');

function logonSuccessCallback(result) {
   applicationContext = result; 

function logonErrorCallback(error) { 
      alert("An error occurred:  " + JSON.stringify(error,null,4)); 

function register() { 
    sap.Logon.init(logonSuccessCallback, logonErrorCallback, appId, serverContext);  

document.addEventListener("deviceready", init, false); 

Could you please let me know what the cause for the error message is. The app works beautifully on iOS. I am testing on an Android emulator with Android Q and a physical device with Android Marshmellow.