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Jan 25, 2020 at 05:39 PM

smartform pdf display sapui5 /error : no handler for data


Hi UI5 and Odata Masters,

I am trying to Implemented SAPUI5 Smartform PDF display, when I call the OData I am getting below error, however in SAP ECC(Hub System) with the same call OData I am able to get PDF as file(Popup-->open).

below is the Read I am performing

var sRead = "/pdfSet(customer='" + value + "')/$value";, { success: function (oData, oResponse) { alert("Read Sucess”); },

error: function (oerror) { alert("Read failed"); } });

I have followed the below Link and Implemented Smartform PDF display SAPUI5 and Implemented

Improved and Recommended approach to Display PDF. The same error is also posted by “Mathias” in the same block.

Can any please help me .