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Jan 24, 2020 at 08:10 AM

Cloud Foundry Service Creation: Service broker html5-apps-repo-sb failed


Hello SAP Community,

I am trying to create an instance of the service "HTML5 Application Repository" with service-plan "app-host" in my CloudFoundry Trial Account on different ways. Last try was to generate the service instance via the Cloud Platform Cockpit of my space "dev".

Unfortunately this is not possible. I get the following error for this:

Unable to create service instance. We are sorry, but we have encountered an internal error. If the problem persists, please create a support ticket.

Service broker error: Service broker html5-apps-repo-sb failed with: Failed to report quota consumption

- On an other space "xy" there is allready an instance of this service with this service-plan generated.

- On the same space I am able to generate the serbice instance with an other service-plan.

Though the dialog tells, that it is a "paid" service" using the service-plan "app-host" I guess, that there a limitation in the Trial Account like "you only may have one instance of the HTML5 Applicatiopn Repository Service over all spaces"

Unfortunately I was not able to find some more information on this.

Can you please help/advice?

Best regards,