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Jan 24, 2020 at 01:31 AM

PR from PM Order to change delivery date in SAP4Hana


Hello Guys,

Subject line refers. Standard SAP Purchase Requisition delivery date is based on work order basic start date. This is apply to both PR generated from work order operation, control key, PM03 as well from free text material. My scenario is I have multiple service PRs generated from multiple work order's operations, control key PM03 and I want the PR delivery dates to be different in each of them.

I have tried to adjust the Start Point (AFVGD-EINSA) and end date (AFVGD-EINSE) in each work order's operation but this did not update the delivery date of the PR.

In OPU7 set-up: Adjust Scheduling - adjust basic dates, adjust dep reqmts to operation date scheduling type - Forward.

Appreciate if anyone can share with me how to go about changing the delivery date of the PRs.