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Apr 06, 2006 at 11:22 PM

4-4-5 Format (Deriving 0CALMONTH from 0CALDAY)



In my Infocube I have a 0CALDAY(week ending date) field and I'm deriving all the time characteristics from this field. For Ex: If 0CALDAY is 04/01/2005 my 0CALMONTH would be APR2005. But from all retailers point of view this falls into the MAR2005 as all the days in that week fall into MAR except for one day 4/01/2005.

Most retailers use 4-4-5 format means first month 4 weeks 2nd month 4 weeks, 3rd month 5 weeks and so on.

I can have an ODS for cross ref between 0CALDAY & 0CALMONTH and use that as derivation rather than standard derivation.

Is there a way to derive the 0CALMONTH 0CALYEAR from 0CALDAY in this format without using ODS or custom code.

Any suggestions are appreciated.