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Jan 30, 2020 at 07:08 AM

Can We Use 2 STO Documents Type for Same Plant. One For 1 Step Delivery and Second 2 Step Delivery


We are using STO with shipping i.e. Delivery

We want to transfer goods from Plant A to Plant B using STO with Delivery sometimes in One-Step (647 and 101 at the same time) and Sometimes in Two-Step (641 and 101).

How can we do this?
Settings and Scenario in detail is as follows:

in IMG - Under Assign Document Type, One-Step Procedure and Underdelivery Tolerance step of Config we can assign the default document type and set One-Step procedure indicator. We did that for PO Document Type "ZUB" with Supplying Plant A and Receiving Plant B. So we are planning to use this ZUB document type for STOs where in we want 1-step goods transfer (GI and GR in one step)

We are planning to use 2 step stock transfer for STO with Document Type "UB" between same plants. However we can't specify this in above config as ONLY ONE enrty for supplying-receiving plant combination can be maintained in their. But we still can create STO manually using document type "UB" for processing the stock transfer in 2 steps.

Now the problem is whether we are using STO with doc type "UB" or "ZUB", it's always populating one-step movement type "647" in delivery.

If I remove the config for one-step in above IMG step, then both "UB" and "ZUB" STOs are creating deliveries with movement type 641 i.e. 2-step transfer.

What settings i need to do to populate movement type 647 in case of sto doc type = ZUB and 641 in case of sto doc type = UB.

Unde IMG for Define schedule line catgeories under sales documents i hav setting for item category is "NLN" which is assigned to schedule line category NN which is having 641 and 647 as two step and one step movement types.