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Jan 27, 2020 at 12:24 PM

Gift Perks Wage type



I have a scenario on Gift Perk if we give amount of 8500 in IT0267 it should get exempted till 5000.

It is coming properly 3500 prerequisite is coming but when i put 2500 amount in IT0267 for Gift Income it is coming in negative as per rule written

I don't want less than 5000 must displayed in Payslip or RT in the prerequisite field & wage type is same.

PCR Written like this for Gift perk

ZGPE Gift Perq : Add Current Month 8GFT + CY 8GFT



ADDWT * OT Output table

8GFT Gift Income

ELIMI * Elim.time period ID

ADDWT * OT Output table

9935 Gift Perks

AMT=0 Set


AMT-KZGIFT(constant) Subtraction

AMT+CY8GFT Addition

PRINT Print table entries

AMT?KZGIFT Comparison


ADDWT 9930(gift Exemption Perk) OT Output table


ADDWT 9935 OT Output table

Please help in this matter !!!