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Jan 26, 2020 at 09:45 AM

How to Download ZQ RV invoices with all details mentioned in invoice in excel


Hi all,

Good day.

Regarding customer invoice type ZQ and RV in FBL5N, we can extract report of all Doc type ZQ and RV from all the customer accounts (not only one account but can be many) with all the details like invoice Number, invoice amount, customer account where it is interfaced and doc status and all in excel format.

But my question is that, is there any way where we can also download the details which is mentioned in the invoices item wise. Like for example if one invoice amount USD 100 interfaced in customer account. The detail of this USD is as below:

Item # 1 product Abc 5 pcs @ 10 = 50

Item # 2 product pqg 2 pcs @ 15 = 30

Item # 3 product xyz 4 pcs @ 5 = 20

So can we download these details of all the invoices alongwith the above mentioned details in excel.

Please assist and advise steps involved, t codes to be accesed.

Lot of thanks.