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Apr 06, 2006 at 09:01 PM

Two process debugger ... Does it have a bug ?


My WebAS 7.0 preview installtion is working just fine since it was installed.

Though recently while checking the new two process debugger I came accross a problem. This could be a frontend bug too.

This is how you can replicate it ..

- Logon to the 7.0 server and have one session only.

- start the debugger rightaway by typing /h

- enter any transaction code so that the debugger process starts

- debug if you like

- hit continue so that the actual transaction starts in the first session window and the second window is still there for the debug process

- now exit the transaction and come back to the initial SAP screen.

- the second session still remains since this is how the new debugger works

- now if you try to log out, there is no "Are you Sure" confirmation prompt, you are simply logged out of the system

- this definitely causes some problems with the other SAP GUI sessions running since sometimes the complete SAP GUI crashes

I got my GUI updated to the latest patch (17 I believe) but still same problem.

So is it a GUI problem or the new debugger ?



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