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Jan 29, 2020 at 04:52 PM

SAP HANA Express, resize partition


Hello. I was trying to upgrade from SAP HANA Express Edition SPS03 Rev 35 to SPS04. It failed because there was not enough space. So I installed SPS04 from scratch in VMPlayer 15 with SUSE. I resized the VM Disk settings to 125GB since the recommended HDD setting for SPS04 is 120GB.

When I checked the partitions, the maximum size for where SPS04 resides - /dev/sda2 - is only 65GB. It's USE status is at 53.3% already even when I have not yet started to code. How can I expand the size of the partition, /dev/sda2 to 120GB or more?

Appreciate your help. Thanks.