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Jan 28, 2020 at 07:49 PM

Foreign Companies Tax Numbers in the Netherlands



I am looking for useful information concerning the rules of assigning tax identification numbers for foreign companies in the Netherlands. Are there any rigid rules in the Netherlands that would regulate the above?

Perhaps the Polish example will help to better describe the whole process:
Every foreign taxpayer registering for VAT purposes is registered in one particular tax office (Second Tax Office Warsaw-Śródmieście). Registration in one office results in each foreign company's tax identification number having the first three identical digits (526). On the basis of the above and the construction of the tax identification number in Poland, it is possible to indicate exactly how such a number is assigned in the case of foreign companies.

Therefore, I would like to ask for information:
1. Do you have any related instructions which I could look into to check the rules for VAT numbers in the Netherlands?
2. Is it possible for you to make available several tax identification numbers assigned to foreign entities (these numbers could be 100% random)

Thank you very much in advance for all your help!