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Jan 27, 2020 at 12:15 PM

ACP for Add On not Valid for S/4 1909



I have a non modifing self contained Add On in ABAP.

Feeded this one through Upgrades in the past with Vendor Keys generated by SAP for us to target all the different SAP_BASIS Releases. Now from SAP_BASIS 7.54 on, SAP refuses to provide Vendor Keys and suggests to provide ACP Files from AAK.

This seemed pretty simple as our only import condition is SAP_BASIS without any restriction to any Support Package.

So I created ACP Package and also did upload this in SPAM, but SUM refuses to offer "KEEP" in IS_SELECT.

I have alternative Import Condition SAP_BASIS 754 set in ACP (which should be valid für S/4 1909).

After upload this conditionset is visible in table PAT07_ACP in the target system.

I even did an SQL Trace of the corresponding section from SUM in IS_SELECT and it is visible that PAT07_ACP is re-read and is indeed detecting my new import conditions, however it still requires Upgrade with SAINT Pkg, and does not offer KEEP.

What am I missing here?

Thanks for help