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Jan 27, 2020 at 08:31 AM

Posting Offer Letters from OpenText to SF Recruiting via the SAP SuccessFactors HCM Suite OData API


Good Day,

A client requirement was recently given to post OpenText Offer Letters to SAP SF Recruiting with the SF OData API. Through investigation both internally as an SAP Partner and with SAP this is yet to be proven possible.

Please review the current solution alongside the investigation done and provide suggestions on what further steps need to be taken to fulfill the requirement given.

System Overview:

The RCM process used is as provided by SAP SuccessFactors with one external step. After successful Offer Approvals, the Offer Approval details are sent as a letter template via the SF Integration Center to OpenText where the Offer Letters are generated. Once the Offer Letters are generated, this PDF attachment is uploaded to SF Recruiting Manually to complete the Offer Letter process.

The aim is to replace the manual upload process with an SAP Cloud Platform Integration (SCPI) process that will interact with the SF Recruiting API to post the Offer Letters to the specific candidates as they are generated by OpenText.

SF Recruiting API Analysis:

When reviewing the SAP standard documentation namely “SAP SuccessFactors HCM Suite OData API: Reference Guide”, the document elaborates on the recruiting module from page 1583. On page 1764 specifically the following snippet is found under the Offer Letter Section.

The snippet suggests that POST calls can be made to the Offer Letter Section of the HCM Suite OData API, although all the use cases listed are for the GET method rather than the POST method as shown in the snippet below.

When attempting to consume the Offer Letter data using these GET commands the Offer Letter Data is successfully retrieved as shown in the image below.

When attempting to use the POST command to the corresponding OfferLetter Endpoint, the following messages is displayed, in this case the PDF was added as “form-data”.

Using the binary content type to POST the letter, a similar result is produced.

When consuming the API for all Offer Letters with endpoint like the following “” (no ID specified) the GET Methods are again successful but the POST methods get “UnsupportedMediaType” exceptions, please refer to the below.

From the analysis done of the SAP SuccessFactors HCM Suite OData API it seems as if the insertion of Offer Letters is possible given the correct insertion parameters and headers, this assumption is strengthened by references to this in the standard documentation.

Please provide suggestions on how this API may be consumed to post PDF OpenText Offer Letters to Recruiting.