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Jan 24, 2020 at 10:37 AM

Bank-Reconciliation in foreign currency


Dear SAP B1 Experts,

our Local Currency in SAP B1 is GBP (OADM.MainCurncy). But we do have a USD Bank Account from which we are also paying other Foreign Currency Invoices (e.g. CHF) and Suppliers in other foreign Currencies. Hence the setting in the Chart of Accounts for the USD Bank Account must allow 'All Currencies' (OACT.ActCurr = '##').

Now the issue comes when we are trying to reconcile the USD Bank Account (Banking - Bank Statements and External Reconciliation - Reconciliation). It asks us to reconcile the Account in GBP (the Local Currency) and not in it's Bank-Currency which is USD. The external Bank Statement of course is in USD. In that way it is very difficult to reconcile.

Is there any way to reconcile a GL Account with the 'All Currency' setting in a currency other than the Local Currency?

Thanks, David