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Jan 23, 2020 at 08:00 PM

GTS - Missing material movement (bonded warehouse)


We are running GTS 11.0.14, and are running a CWH. GTS is hosted on HEC, and we have implemented the standard GTS plug in to interface our data to GTS via RFC. We're running an external WM system and interfacing warehouse activity to ECC system.

We've experienced a couple missing material documents and hoping someone can point me into the right area for research.

We have configured a few of our inventory movements in ECC system as inventory differences (movement types 931/932 and 948/947). In some instances we've found these movement types flow over to the Inventory Difference worklist, no problems noted. However, we have a few instances where the inventory movements can't seem to be found. We've checked, the work list, the undefined worklist (in case of rebooking), the /SAPSLL/WPLO table, processed domestic GI report, SLG1 in both systems, SM58 in ECC system. The product masters in GTS have the bonded warehouse number and appropriate information. We tracked the initial inventory had transferred over to GTS and some other activities, but not these movements.

We've tried re-pushing the material document using the MMOC transfer but since this is not for risk management it doesn't resend the data. We've scoured SAP notes as well but haven't found anything that seemed to point us to the right reason why.

Ultimately the end-users had to manually adjust the inventory using /SAPSLL/BWH_UNDEF_01

Any ideas on where or how this may have happened, how we could otherwise track the inventory movement in GTS, or how we might resend the material document w/o reversing it?