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Jan 23, 2020 at 05:41 PM

Sort level based hierarchy members in SAC stories



I have hierarchy GL L1, GL L2 and GL Account. I also have columns GL L1 Sorting, GL L2 Sorting.

Is there any way to sort GL L1 by values in column GL L1 Sorting? (also GL L2 in same way).

I tried this:

Solution 1= Concatenating GL L1 Sorting+GL L1 - but output looks horrible with these numbers; is there a way to show only GL L1 values (like Analysis function in Webi trick where you say if formula=same formula, then display GL L1)?

Solution 2= I tried having GL L1 Sorting column before hierarchy in table, but I can't hide that column. Is there any way to hide column in tables in SAC stories?

Thank you in advance!