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Jan 29, 2020 at 12:57 PM

Calculation raw materials


Good day to all. I'm new here. Please forgive me if this question was asked! I have to take a roll of corrugated board (raw materials) per ton. but when I give raw materials for production I have to keep records in a meter and simultaneously in a square meter. For example, I took 1 ton of raw materials. In the beginning, in this ton it is not known how many meters there are, because each time, a different footage comes out. The width of this roll is 1.25 meters. sometimes a whole large product is produced from this roll at a length of 10 meters. It's not a problem. But when I need to divide the roll width into 2 sizes, for example 1 meter and 0.25 meter separately. And now I have to enter accounting in the square for the first size and on the footage for the second size