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Jan 28, 2020 at 02:42 PM

Journal Type description needed

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Greetings SAP Community,

We have an auditor's request to provide them with a detailed description of all the journal types listed in the report. They need to understand how they are posted into the ledger, including any approvals that may be required.

Community, please help us to find SAP document that would explain journal types, please see below.

Thank you in advance.

Obtain an understanding of what each of these JE types is and what type of transactions they relates to

External Service Confirmation

Reversal of External Service Confirmation

Automatic Asset Settlement Postings

Goods Receipt from Supplier

Goods Receipt/Invoice Receipt Clearing

Manual Posting for Fixed Assets

Reversal of Bank Statement

Techn. Clearing of Bank Clearing Account

Man. Postg - Rvrsl of Jrnl Entry Vouch.


Customer Invoice

Foreign Currency Remeasurement

Man.Postg-Rvrsl of JEV with Offset Entry

Manual Posting - JEV with Offset Entry

Manual Posting - Journal Entry Voucher

Posting to Tax Payable Account

Return to Supplier

Reversal of Cash Disbursement

Reversal of Clearing

Reversal of Customer Invoice

Reversal of Man. Posting for Fixed Asset

Reversal of Return to Supplier

Reversal of Supplier Invoice

Supplier Credit Memo

Supplier Invoice

Tax Receiv. from/Tax Payble to Tax Auth.

Cash Disbursement

Goods Issue without Reference

Reversal of Supplier Credit Memo

Data Migration

Reversal of Goods Receipt from Supplier

Bank Statement

Cash Receipt

Cash Transfer

Check Deposit

Refund of Cash Receipt

Reversal of Cash Receipt

Reversal of Check Deposit

Other Charge/Credit

Reversal of Other Charge/Credit

Goods Receipt without Reference

Automatic Change of Material Cost

Goods Issue for Consumption

Goods Issue for Customer

Goods Issue for Production

Goods Receipt from Production

Goods Transfer

Internal Service Confirmation

Manual Change of Material Cost

Return of Nonconsumed Goods

Reversal of Goods Issue for Customer

Reversal of Goods Issue for Production

Reversal of Goods Receipt from Productn

Rvsl of Auto Asset Settlement Postings

Reversal of Internal Service Confirmatn

Reversal of Return of Nonconsumed Goods

Revsl of Goods Issue without Reference

Work in Process Clearing

Balance Carryforward

Periodic Fixed Asset Valuation

Reversal of Cash Transfer

Rvsl of Techn. Clearg Bank Clearg Accnt

Your help will save our day.