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Jan 24, 2020 at 02:13 PM

Automatically provide SAP Authenticator code to Fiori launchpad portal


Hi folks,

I created simple Fiori app on SAP Cloud Platform. Users are authenticated using Identity Authentication Service. Customer requires 2-factor authentication (their security rule). It works very well.

Customer is planning to access these applications (fiori launchpad site with more than one applications) from Fiori Client (mobile device). Their problem is that after starting Fiori Client and putting username/password (1st factor - this is necessary to make this step only once) there's necessary to start SAP authenticator (new mobile application), copy the passcode and put this code to the window required by Identity Authentication Service (second factor).

I would need the procedure how to automate this process - put the code from SAP authenticator to the window required by SAP Identity Authentication Service (2nd factor)

Thanks a lot