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Jan 23, 2020 at 08:39 AM

SolMan. E-mail notification sent to org unit



I work with SAP Solution Manager 7.2 SP level 9.

I have customized an e-mail notification that is sent by an action.

E-mail is sent by mail form. The attribute context in mail form is "Service Request Attributes". It is made for IT-requirement – BUS2000116.

The action profile has the following customizings:

Generally, it works fine. Despite the fact that attribute context for mail form is 'service request attributes'. All attributes I use determine fine in e-mail: description, status, employee responsible, deep link etc. But the email is sent to all members that are assigned to org unit (partner function in the second screen). If there are 5 employess the email will be sent 5 times to each of them. I have expected that it will be sent only once to the email address of org unit.

The most interesting is that I'm using the same customizings, except transaction category for service request - BUS2000223. Even partner function and partner determination procedure in partner schema are the same. And in case of service request the email is sent to email address of org unit. Exactly as I need. It isn't sent to the employees that are assigned to this org unit.

And one more thing I have found. If I make the action based on smartform, not mail form, for IT-requirement, the email is sent only to e-mail address of the org unit. As I need.

So, if anybody knows, is there any customizing or something I do not know to send mail form in IT-requirement only to email address of org unit? As it works for service request.

Otherwise I will have to make smartforms for email notification.

Thanks in advance and best regards, Andrey.


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