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Jan 23, 2020 at 06:25 AM

Error uploading SAP Note - System setting does not allow changes... on Production Server

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System setting does not allow changes to be made to object NOTE 0001247722

Message no. TO128


The system and namespace change option set for this SAP System does not allow any changes to be made to object NOTE 0001247722.

System Response

Editing is terminated, the object can only be displayed.


If you want to edit the object NOTE 0001247722 in this SAP System, have your system administator set the SAP System to "modifiable" for this object.

This can affect the modifiability of the namespace /0SAP/ or the namespaces that correspond to the pattern /0SAP/, as well as the global setting of the system change option.

The system change option is set using the Transport Organizer tools (Transaction SE03). Expand the Administration node and execute the program Set system change option. The options are described there.

Any idea which prefix is used for this SAP Note:0001247722 ?