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Jan 22, 2020 at 03:57 PM

Database Connection Freezing.


I'm a programmer for a bowling company that uses vendor software with a sybase database(version on local servers at these centers, around 300. We need to query that data. I have a server with Sybase Central installed and I can connect to all of these database except for one. Well I take that back, it does connect. Will paste in test connection details below. Everything has been working properly for 2 years including the one in question until about 3 days ago. . Network has told me the server is the same as the others and firewall is turned off and nothing has changed, but something has. We have other servers other then the one I'm on that can query data from the database in question plus the local system working fine, so the database is working. I suspect something is going on when sybase attempts to talk back to this particular server in question. I'm not clear what happens after a connection is made but assume handshaking is going on or an attempt to. I guess my question is , are there logs or something I can look at to determine the issue. The issue being I connect with Sybase Central and then it just locks up. Every other db connects no problem. I have to kill it with task manager. We have rebooted my server plus the server with the DB in question. Any advice on how to resolve the issue would be greatly appreciated. Again we are connecting. Let me know what other info I can add or if this is not clear. Thanks

Connection succeeded.

Tue Jan 21 2020 11:50:40

11:50:40 Attempting to connect using:


11:50:40 Attempting to connect to a running server...

11:50:40 Trying to start TCPIP link ...

11:50:40 TCP using Winsock version 2.2

11:50:40 My IP address is

11:50:40 My IP address is ::1

11:50:40 My IP address is

11:50:40 TCPIP link started successfully

11:50:40 Attempting TCPIP connection (address found in sasrv.ini cache)

11:50:40 Looking for server with name pixelsqlbase

11:50:40 HOST option specified, ignoring cached address

11:50:40 Trying to find server at address

11:50:43 Found server, verifying server name

11:50:46 Found database server pixelsqlbase on TCPIP link

11:50:46 Connected using client address

11:50:46 Connected to server over TCPIP

11:50:46 Writing server address to sasrv.ini cache

11:50:55 Connected to SQL Anywhere Server version

11:50:55 Application information:

11:50:55 IP=;HOST=PROD-WEBPOS;OS='Windows 2012 Build 9200 ';EXE='C:\Program Files\SQL Anywhere 12\Bin64\scjview.exe';PID=0x1cd4;THREAD=0x1c24;VERSION=;API=iAnywhereJDBC;TIMEZONEADJUSTMENT=-300

11:50:55 Connected to the server, attempting to connect to a running database...

11:51:22 [ 1397] Connected to database successfully