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Jan 22, 2020 at 09:30 AM

Sap Business One- Adjust user access logging frequency


Hi community,

I'm working on an issue that is related to an add-on produced for Sap Business One 9.3. The issue in question boils down to two connections to the SAP database wrestling over control of the table 'USR5'. We'll probably be going to SAP directly about the issue itself once we have a full write up and demonstrable example.

However, for the time being we'd like to be able to workaround the issue- the best way to do that, that I can see, is to reduce the frequency of the updates to this table, or disable them temporarily.

Is there a means in SAP to reduce the frequency with which active user sessions are logged? Currently it's around 5 minutes. Alternatively, being able to disable this feature temporarily?