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Jan 21, 2020 at 05:42 PM

Setting up GRC BRF+ Ruleset for SuccessFactors HR Triggers



I'm currently working on GRC 12.0 and trying to define the BRF+ ruleset for the SuccessFactors HR Triggers. I understand the two main tables that bring data over from SF are GRACSFECUSRCHNG and GRACSFECTRGUSER. I'm currently using

GRACSFECUSRCHNG to define the columns that I need in my decision table for the SF HR triggers. My first step is to define a simple rule to check for new hires so I'm checking GRACSFECUSRCHNG for fields status and actions. So basically if the status is active and the action is Hire I will need to use a particular role to rule relationship configure in NWBC. The problem that I'm having is how to add the mapping for the role to rule relationship in my BRF+ decision table.

Any assistance with example decision tables for the hire actions would be greatly appreciated.