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Jan 21, 2020 at 01:12 PM

merging Customer IDs, Reassigning Namespaces


Hello everyone,

Please help me out in finding out the solution.

Situation: our Company had 2 Customer IDs with SAP

For eg: 1) Customer ID: 12345 with Namespace ABCD

2) Customer ID: 98765 with Namespace XYZ

6 months back our company has cancelled the contract for Customer ID: 98765 and to have only one Customer ID they merged both the Customers IDs and reassigned the Namespace.

( as planned now it should be Customer ID:12345 with Namespace XYZ)

The aim was to be that only one customer number is usable/available. With all systems, namespaces and software downloads.

Problem: The Migration and merging is already done. But somehow it wasn't successful. One Development system ist still under the old Customer ID and the Namespace is also not completely transferred or still not transferred.

Situation 2 : now i got this topic to resolve it and as i am not from Basis background ,I dnt know which transaction i need to see the current Status.How can I check this scenario in the system. How can I resolve this issue.

Regarding this problem i have also gone through some SAP NOTES.

SAP Note: 2632518,198140.

Kindly help me out to solve this Problem.

Thanks in advance.