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Jan 21, 2020 at 11:35 AM

Anybody else run into slow response for "Validation: Existence of package" from Eclipse?


Every once in a while it takes quite long to save a development object when working via ADT/Eclipse (V 2019-09 and a NW 7.50 system on HANA DB) while the message "Validation: Existence of package" is displayed in a pop-up:

As this should just be a SELECT from table TDEVC (and I found code where this happens with the help of SAT), I don't understand why it sometimes takes +/- 20 seconds to complete - esp. as it usually is rather quick. It also only seems to be happening when working with ADT/Eclipse.

This is the place where TDEVC gets read:

I'd mostly like to know if others have run into this or if this is an isolated case just happening to us.

Thanks much and Cheers