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Jan 21, 2020 at 11:04 AM

Sending IDOC error message to respective users -Program


Greetings !

I have a requirement where I have to automate sending mail based on b2b idoc errors in status 51. I am new to IDOC. As per my understanding,

1. Create a report where b2b idocs are monitored in status 51.

2. Check for any error messages stored in EDIDS table.

3. Based on errors, use FMs like 'SO_FOLDER_HIERARCHY_READ' 'SO_OBJECT_INSERT' 'APPL_LOG_READ_DB' to capture and send mail to respective users.

4. Once done, schedule the report as a job in sm36 periodically.

Please check if my understanding is right and what inputs/details will I need to get based on IDOC additionally(as my knowledge is poor). Is there any other way/FMs to use?

Suggestions for IDOC learning tutorial links are also welcome! :)


Divya N L.