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Jan 20, 2020 at 06:24 AM

Using Native SAP HANA Artifacts in my Business Application built using CAP model



I am trying to use my SAP HANA Table in my CDS Model.

I followed this blog ( to create an SAP HANA Table and calculation View. I would like to use that Table in my CAP Business application..

This is my .hdbcds file that I would like to use in my CAP Application:

Below is my data-model.cds:

When I run the SRV module and open the " {service url} /Sales" , I get this error:

[2020-01-19T18:46:00.594Z | ERROR | 1133960]: invalid table name: Could not find table/view CATALOGSERVICE_SALES in schema ASAMPLE_NODEJSVERSION_ASAMPLE_NODEJSVERSION_DB_HDI_CONTAINER_1: line 1 col 60 (at pos 59).

I am not sure on how to link the existing table to my CAP Business application and also I am not sure if my data-model.cds is defined correctly.

Any pointers or suggestions / example code snippets would be helpful on this topic.

Thanks and Regards,



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