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Jan 20, 2020 at 12:28 PM

SAP Cloud Connector not starting and cannot be reached


Hello all,

I have downloaded the latest version of the ABAP Trial 7.52 SP04 which I have running on a java Virtual Box 6.1 & Opensuse Leap 15.0 instance hosted on my windows 10 machine.

I have then downloaded the latest version of the SCC Cloud Connector and installed it

This seemed to install okay but I wasn't able to connect to it from windows using the URL https://localhost:8443. I have port forwarding setup for http, sap logon and scc etc and have no problems connecting with Ecclise, odata and SAP Logon.

When I check the status of the SCC in Xterm I'm getting an error and I don't think scc has started correctly.

See screenshot:

Any ideas?


scc-error.jpg (111.7 kB)