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Jan 19, 2020 at 03:12 PM

SFTP - RequestResponseBean. Message is processed in Serial?



I have an sender SFTP channel configured with RequestResponseBean. The modules are configured in the following order:

  1. AF_Modules/RequestResponseBean
  2. localejbs/CallSapAdapter
  3. AF_Modules/ResponseOnewayBean

Here are the parameters configured:

  • passThrough = true
  • receiverChannel = [name of the response receiver channel]
  • receiverService = [name of the response receiver service]

Now, I have 5 files in the folder. When the channel is started to process those 5 files, I thought those 5 files could be sent and processed in parallel (just like how normal SFTP channel behave). But I observe the log that the channel will only process the next file after processing the previous file is finished:

Notice the around 10 second interval in the red rectangle, 10 second is the approximate time to process 1 message. Only after 10 seconds the next message is processed.

Seems like it is waiting to receive the response first before continue processing the next file. Is this the behavior of a sender synchronous channel (cannot process multiple messages in parallel)? Or is this the behavior of RequestResponseBean module?

My 2 cents is because after the localejbs/CallSapAdapter run, the next module which is AF_Modules/ResponseOnewayBean, is still blocking the process by waiting for the response, that's why the channel cannot continue to process the next file? Is there a way to make it process multiple files in parallel?

Thank you.


sftp.png (69.6 kB)