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Jan 23, 2020 at 03:39 PM

Purchase Order Document Number + Material Document Number + Posting Date


Hello members, could you please help me with my problem?

Let's say I have 100 Purchase Order Document Numbers some with services inside some with materials/items. Some POs with multiple items as services (f.e. security service for 12 month, so we have 12 items/rows with montly amount) and some POs with multiple materials (f.e. stationery pens, pencils, rulers e t c)
There is ME23N, it is Ok for one PO, I can see here PO history with Posting Date
There is ME2N where I can paste all PO but I cant get Posting Date here and if that PO is complex with multiple Items I see them all in generated report. So I need here Posting Date for each Material Document Number not Document Date but Material Document Posting Date.
Unfortunately I dont have an access to SAP tables SQVI.
Is there any another transaction to get a report with all actuals related f.e. to January by PO Number?
Thank you in advance!