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Jan 23, 2020 at 08:41 AM

Cost price calculation in kg


We want to add an extra step in a routing to cover the packaging cost. The material is produced in pieces and we want to add an extra step in the rrouting to charge x€/kg. Is this possible and how to do so? If so, am i using the correct steps and how to set certain values ?

1) SPRO > SAP reference IMG > Controlling > Cost Center Accounting > Master Data > Activity Types > Create Activity Types: Define activity

Activity in H or KG ?

Link with allocation cost element

Price indicator ?

2) KP26: Define activity type – price planning

Add activity type

Assign fixed and/or variable price

3) KSBT: Activity type price report

Verify values

4) CR01: Create work center

Basic data tab

Which work center category ?

Costing tab

Add activity type, but which alt. Activity descr. To use ?

Use a formula ?

5) C201: Create routing

Add operation and resource (work center)

Base unit in KG ?

Use charge quantity ?

Which duration and unit of measure for activity type ?